Palworld Server Hosting

Service Features:

Game Features:

Server Performance


AMD 7950X 16 Cores!

AMD Ryzen 9


DDR5 5600MHz

No Limits On RAM!


12,400 MB/s Speed

PCIe Gen 5.0


Plan Details:
* Limited To: 8 Players *
Memory: Unlimited! (DDR5).
NVMe: Unlimited! (PCIe 5.0).
Automatic Restarts (Daily).
Automatic Backups (Hourly).


Plan Details:
* Limited To: 16 Players *
Memory: Unlimited! (DDR5).
NVMe: Unlimited! (PCIe 5.0).
Automatic Restarts (Daily).
Automatic Backups (Hourly).


Plan Details:
* Limited To: 24 Players *
Memory: Unlimited! (DDR5).
NVMe: Unlimited! (PCIe 5.0).
Automatic Restarts (Daily).
Automatic Backups (Hourly).


Plan Details:
* Limited To: 32 Players *
Memory: Unlimited! (DDR5).
NVMe: Unlimited! (PCIe 5.0).
Automatic Restarts (Daily).
Automatic Backups (Hourly).

World Class FEATURES

Instant Setup Servers

Your server will be set up as soon as you pay your first invoice. Configure your server name, load up the game and join via IP Address or via the favourites tab.

Moneyback Guarantee

You can request a full refund, no questions asked within 24 hours after your multiplayer server has been set up. We want you to be happy with our services.

24/7 Customer Support

If you need help with mod support or using our services we have you covered. You can request support via many different support mediums even whilst you play within a few minutes.

Enterprise Hardware

Our data centres offer free DDoS Protection & cutting edge dedicated server specs as well as the best internet connection along with true redundancy you can rely on.

Custom Control Panel

We use a highly customized version of TCAdmin which includes Full FTP Access along with an awesome file management so you can easily add mods.

Game Switching

Save time and frustration by using our game switching feature. During your rental you can switch to another game. Server administration has never been so easy.

Global Locations

No matter where you are in the world we provide you with the lowest ping servers which will ensure you get your server running with the fastest connections to our data centers.

Backup & Restore

We backup your server hourly to ensure you have the option to restore to an earlier save if anything goes wrong. You can also use our file manager one of our other premium features.

DDOS Protection

Your server will be hosted in our datacenters and will be protected by world-class DDoS protection. If you switch locations the same DDoS protection will be there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Palworld server hosting?

Hosting a Palworld server allows players to create a private, customizable environment, controlling game rules, maps, and player limits, ideal for groups seeking a personalized gaming experience.

Can I migrate my existing Palworld server?

Certainly, you can move your Palworld server's world to our service from any location, including your PC or another host. The transfer is easy, and our team is ready to assist or manage the migration for you.

Are there any backup services?

Our advanced Palworld server backup system provides daily automatic and manual backup options, with easy restoration and the ability to download backups for extra security.

How does 1GServerHost guarantee stability?

1GServerHost offers superior Palworld hosting with advanced technology, including latest CPUs, DDR5 memory, and high-end motherboards, ensuring an exceptional gaming experience.

What Customer Support do you offer?

We provide 24/7 technical support, live chat, ticket system, extensive knowledge base, help guides, Discord access, email support, and regular updates and maintenance alerts for server-related assistance.

Can I cancel or change my server hosting plan?

Cancel your Palworld game server anytime via "My Services" in the client area. Options include immediate termination or scheduling cancellation at the current billing cycle's end.

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