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Do you want to take your Valheim Server Hosting experience up a notch? We’ve got the perfect solution for you. Our game server hosting has been designed with a user-friendly interface and provides an excellent environment no matter how well versed you are with administrating game server rentals.

Looking for the latest hyped game? Look no further than our V Rising Server Hosting plan which is the cheapest around, you gotta check it out!

If you want to take your gaming experience into uncharted territory, our ArmA Reforger Server Hosting services are for you. With an easy set-up and intuitive learning curve that gives game server admins the power they need at their fingertips.

If you’re the type of person who loves to be challenged in-game, then our Rust Server Hosting may be perfect for your needs. You will get instant installation and comprehensive configuration abilities with every service we provide- it won’t take long at all to get you up and running.

Powerful Machines & Features

Next Gen Hardware

Our dedicated servers are the fastest in town! We utilize E2288G & I9-9900K series processors, DDR4 ECC Memory and Enterprise 980 PRO NVMEs for Ultimate Performance!

Unlimited Storage

Let’s not limit you! Let the server run as smooth and efficiently as possible. Don’t be distracted by limits – concentrate on playing, because that’s how it should be.

Ultra Low Pings

We have multiple locations throughout North America, Europe and more to ensure that you get the lowest pings & best connection possible no matter where your players are.

Free Daily Backups

Keep your community safe and store daily server backups automatically. We take care of the hard work for you at no additional cost! You can restore server files on-demand.

A+ Customer Support

Our dedicated support team will be there for you, ready to help when needed. We have a fast response time and can solve the majority of server issues within minutes!

DDoS Protection

We make sure that your server is always safe! To do this, we provide DDoS protection for all our servers. The service will react quickly with reactive mitigation in case of an attack.


Here’s how 1GServerHost Compares up to the competition!

  • Best Host


  • GTXGaming

  • Survival Servers

  • Gportal
Best Host



Survival Servers

CPU Speed
Game Servers will LAG on machines running on poor CPU speeds. It's 2022 and other hosts are still falling behind 1G. We are always providing more value for less. Other hosts charge extra fees (expensive) to have your server run on slightly higher GHz. We provide the absolute MAX possible in 2022 for FREE.
Drive Type
Game Servers running on standard SSD will suffer if the machine hosts multiple (+10) other servers. Running on NVME removes this bottleneck completely. Other hosts charge extra fees (expensive) to have your server run on NVME. We provide it for FREE.
Player Capacity (Slots)
How many players can be connected to the server at the same time?
72 Hour Refund Policy
Refund Guarantee for new orders after you make your first payment.
TCAdmin Control Panel
A user-friendly control panel used to control your game server. It's the most popular control panel.
Live Chat Support
Website Live Chat enables the customer to receive real-time support.
Discord Support
Discord is used in order to provide additional support methods to customers and a way for customers to communicate with each other.
Trustpilot Rating
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