Terms of Service

Last Updated: June 27, 2022

1GServerHost agrees to furnish services to the Subscriber, subject to the following (“Terms of Service”). 1GServerHost, the company here after referred to as, (“1GServerHost“), (“Us”), (“We”) and The Client, (“Customer”), (“Client”) and (“You”). Use of 1GServerHost Service constitutes acceptance and agreement to AUP (“Acceptable Use Policy”) and ToS (“Terms of Service”). All provisions of this contract are subject to change from time to time at the discretion of 1GServerHost. Subscriber understands that change to the ToS by 1GServerHost shall not be grounds for early contract termination or non-payment.


All game server hosting services placed by the customer are protected by our refund policy which entitles the customer to a full refund if requested within 72 hours from the point of sale. The point of sale is indicated by the time stamp marked as the payment received date and time in our billing system.

Addons are not subject to refund eligibility, this includes but is not limited to Domain Name registration, software licence keys. All refunds are processed through the same billing system you placed your order on that being the 1GServerHost client area.

Our money back guarantee applies to new orders only. Existing customers who place an additional order and who also have an existing active service are not eligible for a refund. Customers are required to submit a support ticket via our client area if they wish to request a refund, they must also indicate to us the reason why they are requesting a refund.

After the customer requests a refund and we find that they meet all eligibility requirements for one, a full refund will be processed by one of our staff team members within 72 hours from the support ticket being placed.

Over payments made by the customer or funds being added into their account are not eligible for a refund. Over payments will be added to the customer’s credit balance and will be used to payment future invoices and new orders.


in order for customers to cancel their services with us they must login to their account via our client area, select the service they wish to cancel and click the Request Cancellation button.

Cancellation requests must be requested 1 day before their next due date, this is to avoid the next payment coming out automatically via subscription. Customers can also request cancellation to take affect immediately which will terminate their service soon after they submit the request. Unused time will not be eligible for a refund.


Under no circumstances, 1GServerHost will not be held liable for any data loss or information pertaining to the customers services, this includes but is not limited to unauthorized access to the customer services, we would like to remind customers to ensure that they secure their accounts by using a strong password and not sharing their account login with anyone else.

We reserve the right to cancel a customers account with immediate affect should the customer decide to perform a charge back or dispute regardless of the outcome of such an event taking place.

It is to be expected that delays, disconnections and or timeouts may happen for any period of time during their service rental. Whilst we aim for perfection which includes as close to 100% up time as possible it is not guaranteed by 1GServerHost and this is accepted by the customer when they sign up.


All support requests must be submitted via support ticket or live chat.

Other forms of contact such as Contact Form or Discord may not receive a reply to the support request.


We can not guarantee that promotion codes will work at all times, some promotions may expires if they are advertised as a time based promotion.

Other promotion codes may not work due to removal or change of stipulation which is at the sole digression of 1GServerHost.


We may offer our services with unlimited bandwidth, memory and other resources, meaning that we will not limit or restrict the amount of resources being used at any given time during the service rental period.

We do however reserve the right to delete log files that take up space beyond a reasonable amount and we also reserve the right to suspend or cancel a server which is found to be using an unusually high amount of resources such as memory or CPU.

Sometimes situations arise were a customer’s service will use 3x time or more memory than what is to be expected, this indicates an issue with the server configuration / config files and or mods / plugins or other third party files installed on top of the server which maybe the cause of such issues.

Please note that if we do decide to suspend or terminate a service due to unfair usage as stipulated above, we reserve the right not to issue a refund due to the event not being caused by our systems.


Customer’s who violate any of these terms or any other reason that we deem necessary, we reserve the right to terminate the customer’s service. Customers who fail to pay on time are subject to suspension immediately after the next due date has passed. If no payment has been received after the service has been suspended we reserve the right to terminate the service and delete all logs and other data with no further notice.


All sales and invoices are subject to a 5% payment processing fee. This feel is to cover the fees we pay to Stripe and PayPal in order to accept your payment via their processing service. This ensures that the price we advertise on our website is received in full by offsetting the processing fee and passing this extra fee on to the customer.


We offer a generous affiliate program allowing registered users to make some extra money after they refer customers to us. We offer a one time $5 account credit for every new affiliate just for signing up. Additionally, we offer you 15% One-Time commission for every sale you refer to us.. The referred customer must stay with us for a minimum of 45 days before commission payouts are processed.

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