Jobs available at 1gServerHost

Last Updated: December 27, 2022

Have you ever wished to work for one of the top Game Server Hosting companies in the world?
Good news! 1GServerHost are looking for people to fill a limited number of roles, and you have a chance at one of them.

1G is a close-knit group of enthusiastic Game players and internet enthusiasts. We’re nuts about how much we like what we do, and we can’t fathom doing anything else. We’re always on the computer, whether we’re playing games, chatting with friends, researching exciting new stuff, or working together on 1G. If you sound like someone who believes the same, please look at our current job openings below and apply to work for the 1G Team.

Successful applicants are paid for the hours they are expected to work during the week. New staff members begin their roles on an Entry/Trial basis for one month; they then progress to Part-Time for three months and then advance to Full-Time positions. All three stages have different hourly rates and hour availabilities.

Applicants with significant expertise or talents such as coding (Batch/Powershell) & Graphics Designers receive special attention.
We enjoy having staff members who possess multiple skillsets, even if they have only dabbled in different I.T areas.
Candidates who possess these additional skills have a much higher chance of being selected & given extra hours & higher rates.


We get hundreds of applications every day, and regrettably, we are unable to employ everyone. As a result, we must be rigorous in our selection of people who wish to join our team. As a result, in order for all positions to be considered for applicants, we have established the following minimal criteria: Please review the list and comply accordingly. Thank you again for your interest in becoming a member of Team 1G.

  • Age All Applicants must be 18 years or older.
  • Internet Speed 25mbps+
  • Computer Use of a gaming laptop/desktop.
  • Quality Microphone for Discord. (Voice Communication When Working & Requested Is Required).
  • Software Filezilla, Discord, Steam & Crisp (Live Chat Software Provided).
  • Availability A consistent and widely available schedule.
  • Activity High activity on Discord and strong communication with the team and even greater activity on when performing tasks assigned.

How To Apply

Send an Email To: in the following format (Please only apply if you meet the requirements above).
Please also send a Full CV & Cover Letter which must state your age, date of birth, full address, phone number, and Discord ID. Ensure your email also contains answers to the following fields/questions (failure to do so will result in the application being automatically denied).

  • Why do you want to work for 1G?
  • What do you hope to achieve, what are your long term goals?
  • Have you worked for a Game / VPS / Dedicated Server Hosting company in the past?
  • Have you any experience managing & customizing game servers such as ARK: Survival Evolved, Valheim, Rust, Conan Exiles, Minecraft etc?
  • Special I.T Skills, Example: Scripting, Coding (batch, Powershell, Python etc), Design (Photoshop, AI etc), Social Media Promotions, Advertising etc.

*Please Note: We do not have time to reply to every application we receive. If you do not hear back from us we thank you for your application and ask you to check back for more jobs in the future. Additionally, we will keep your C.V and Coverletter & application on file should another role become available, all previous applications are given first priority options so it’s best to get your application in ASAP.